Water FootPrints Design for Oppo F7 mobile case


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Our DN Enterprises presents
The Unique 3D BackCover by the MobieraTM
The Best High Quality
We gave you for your back covers
The MobiEraTM polycarbonate back covers which is more reliable,

Consistent, Tough, Easy to install and can be used within a minutes of receiving it.

  • The rugged outer layer acts as an armour shield against bumps and scratches while the inner layer safeguards your device from shock absorption during impact it has a special polycarbonate case on the outside.
  • All round protection

MobiEraTM brings for you a phone cover which gives an all-round protection to your phone, saving it from sudden shocks and accidental drops while maintaining a slim feel throughout. It helps to keep your device protected from dirt, dust scratches, and other impact-related damages.

  • Unique features

Easy access
This cover features functional button covers which give you easy access to the buttons while also protecting them. It lets you to press the button easily
The case comes with a proper camera cut-out at the back, which lets the camera and flash of the phone work uninterrupted and unhindered.

This cover also have a dedicated cut-outs for all the ports which allows you to connect your charger, earphones, USB cable without any resistance or hindrance.

Classic stylish elegant 3D design

This mobile phone back cover features a classic stylish elegant 3D design which helps to protect the screen and the front body of the phone. In case of a sudden fall of drop, the 3D design of the cover absorbed the shock and protects the screen of your phone. It allows you to keep your phone face down.

 Strength &Durability

This cover has a functional design and delivers a stylish look. It comes with a benefit of being anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and shock-proof. This slim and light weight cover provides thorough protection to your phone and its construction makes your device impact resistant in case of an accidental drop. This cover is made up of the material which makes it strong and durable giving your phone optimum protection for a long time.

Buy mobile cases and covers on MobiEra

A mobile phone is one of the most used devices all over the world owing to the fact that this gadget simplifies lives in so many ways. We work, we socialize, and we carry out so many tasks on our smart phones and so it becomes necessary to protect them!

Now your hunt is over because MobiEra is the one stop destination for all your mobile covers needs.

MobiEra brings to you the highly acclaimed unique 3D

Finish hard cases for your smart devices

  • Perfect finish with matte stylish, unique, reliable prints
  • With unique 3D degree design, you can have both all round protection & convenience. It’s protected your phone from drops and scratches from all SIDES. Isn’t this amazing.
  • TOUGH (Reliable Hard & Good Qualitative)

Ultra-durable due to the high density polycarbonate Used.

  • Our Heat Transfer Technology and High Quality Permanent Ink, Our colors are matched up to the maximum Print Ink at the transfer rate of 90%
  • Build DESIGN: To protect the screen when face down on a flat surface, it is a Case that is Super Protective since it has raised Edges to protect the screen from scratches.
  • Slim and form fitted Design: The case easily covers your phone completely providing superior impact resistance in an extremely slim profile.
  • Feather light: its sleek design provides ease and comfort in handling, without the additional weight and bulk of other traditional cases.

 MobiEraTM Design’s unparalleled quality won’t leave you disappointed. This amazing case is also sweat resistant, thus maintaining your phone at perfect condition 24/7

 Some people could even say that it makes their device even more elegant.

  • This cover is specifically printed for you on your Orders & Demands so therefore; please place the order via looking the cover once you are completely sure about it.